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Live - Love - Lead

helping parents  master the inner hustle OF CReating rock solid relationships so they can build a thriving family

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Our Vision

liberate your life.


We teach parents how to break-free from stress, overwhelm, and frustration to be confident and in control of their emotions, finances, and wellbeing so they can lead their children by their own examples of optimal living and loving. 

Our clients have more than likely been raised in a home where they had to grow up quickly many times parenting their own parents or they're at a place in their lives where doing things by the book are no longer feeding their souls. 

They've excelled at most every area yet struggle to keep their emotions in their control and make decisions they feel guilty about later.

In partnership with our clients, we hand them new skills and tools necessary to break through old family patterns preventing them from creating the life they desire.  

We have found that children do not hear you but rather feel you and out of unconditional love they do what you do and produce the same results.  Unless and until parents increase their own financial and emotional intelligence their children will repeat their same mistakes and harbor their same beliefs and emotions. 

What we get in life is based in what we think, feel, and believe.  Through the science of epigenetics we know that the trauma our ancestors experienced in their lives gets passed down to us up to 4 generations before us.  That trauma created a belief system and that belief system gets passed down to us and vibrates within and through our cells.

We have found "Trauma" to be relative to interpretation and can be as simple as resisting greater life and love abundance.  

Whether you had an amazing childhood or a challenging one doesn't matter. 


What matters is YOU ARE HERE FOR MORE and the skills, tools, and beliefs you were raised with must change in order to stop the negative life and love cycles you think you've outsmarted, experience the life you came here for, and pass down to your children best practices for optimal living, loving, and leading a purposeful life.

The good news is we hold the blueprint to do just that!    

Everything begins with YOU. 




Jodie Rodenbaugh MA ED, CPC
Founder & Principal The School of Love Genius

Ready to Be Liberated?