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You Don’t Have to struggle in motherhood & Relationship shame wondering why you’re so good at everything else but feel like a failure at home

I know You

Because I was you

You’re a smart, heart-driven, high hustlin’ Mama who’s committed to excellence and you want success in all areas of your life.

From the outside everything looks like you have it all and have it all together, but on the inside you feel lost, alone, confused, overwhelmed, uninspired, and turned off.

You love your husband but something still feels like it’s missing & maybe you’re now questioning everything. “Is this it? Is this what i wanted? Is this how it’s supposed to feel?”

And, no matter what you’re a “Not on my watch” kind of mama and you absolutely refuse to allow your own emotional ignorance or relationship struggles to be passed onto your kids.

you take your role as a leader of love to absolute heart and the fears of failing your family is for real.

You’re proud of all that you’ve built, and you love your family but you know life at home needs a bit of a reVibe, your love life feels like it’s slipping away, and new tools for communication and emotional transformation need to be implemented.

You trust your intuition but feel like you’re stepping into unknown territory and you’re ready to step it up!

Until the doubt creeps in…

•  If I start to make changes will my husband and I grow more apart?

•  How can I be sure I won’t grow out of my marriage?

•  Do we even have what it takes to stay together?

•  Am I crazy for wanting more when we have a pretty good life as it is?

•  Where do I even start?  Who can help me with this? I know we aren’t rock star lovers but we aren’t that bad to need couples counseling...yet?

If that sounds familiar, it’s possible you’ve been called to grow for a while... but somewhere in the back of your mind is your secret fear of failure and divorce.

The decision to grow into the next evolution of yourself is necessary (like the difference between life and death necessary) for the livelihood of your family.

Transforming your relationship with yourself by increasing your leadership & lovership skills

changes the most miraculous ways

When you’re living a life of more alignment, connected to your heart you:

  • create relationships that are built on honesty and skilled communication - at work and in your personal life.

  • commit to experiences because they're aligned for you (you don't operate out of obligation anymore).

  • are clear on the outcomes you want for your life and can tell if they come from love or fear.

  • make money in alignment with your true purpose.

  • feel more alive.

  • know how to get out of your head and into your heart and make wiser decisions from there.

  • trust your intuition, inner wisdom, and guidance so you don't have to seek someone else's validation and approval.

  • know how to flow with uncertainty by tuning into the process of life.

  • increase your emotional wellbeing which positively affects everything in your life and gives you the skills, tools and awareness to help you children through their emotional challenges and heartbreaks too.

When you’re disconnected and out of alignment with life and have walls around your heart you:

  • stop listening to your heart and feelings, shut off love, and turn away your internal wisdom.

  • trust other people’s opinions and advice more than your own.

  • listen to your inner critic or inner child and believing them you get what they tell you and not what your inner leader tells you.

  • second-guess yourself, have decision overwhelm and go with someone else’s flow to fit in.

  • self-doubt and become more and more afraid of uncertainty.

  • make commitments to things you’re not actually aligned with, so you feel stressed out, frustrated, depleted and maybe even depressed.

  • scroll through social media feeling like the life you want is just out of reach.

  • feel like you’re going through the motions living a life that feels like some other version of who you want to be.

  • lack vitality and joy for life. Life isn’t feeling so spicy and you don’t feel so sexy anymore.

  • have relationships that feel surfacey and lack substance, because the real you is hiding inside somewhere.

  • read self-help books and intellectually get the gist, but find you aren’t putting anything into practice consistently.

    If you’re done resisting growth and ready to bring more life into your home life while also positively affecting your work life too…


Our Vision

liberate your life.


We teach mamas how to break-free from stress, overwhelm, and frustration to be confident and in control of their inner world so they can lead their children by their own example of optimal living and loving. 

Our clients have more than likely been raised in a home where they either had to grow up quickly many times parenting their own parents or they’re at a place in their lives where doing things the way they’ve always done them is no longer working. 

They've excelled at most every area of their lives yet struggle to keep their emotions in their control and make decisions they feel guilty about later.

In partnership with our clients, we hand them new skills and tools necessary to break through old patterns preventing them from creating an even greater quality of life and love.  

We have found that children do not hear you but rather feel you and out of unconditional love they feel what you feel.  Unless and until parents increase their own emotional intelligence their children will repeat the same negative patterns and harbor their same beliefs and emotional baggage. 

Whether you had an amazing childhood or a challenging one doesn't matter. 

What matters is YOU ARE HERE FOR MORE and the skills, tools, and beliefs you were raised with must change in order to stop the negative life and love cycles you think you've outsmarted, experience the life you came here for, and pass down to your children best practices for optimal living, loving, and leading a purposeful life.

The good news is we hold the blueprint to do just that!    

Everything begins with YOU. 

Much Love,


Jodie Rodenbaugh MA ED, CPC
Founder, School of Love Genius


Ready to Be Liberated?