Break Bad Patterns in Your Relationships and Experience Peace & Passion by New Year's-Online Sunday, December 9th

Break Bad Patterns in Your Relationships and Experience Peace & Passion by New Year's-Online Sunday, December 9th

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The Holidays can feel like the most stressful times of the year. 

Did you know?

EVERY relationship (healthy or not) you have with someone--the people you were raised with, the people you choose to surround yourself, & complete strangers you have an opinion about hold clues to what’s really going on inside of you.  They’re a mirror—a reflection, to your own perception of yourself. 

If you’re triggered (when someone else’s emotions and behaviors cause your emotions and behaviors to feel out of control—pissed off and lashing out or holding it in to going silent and feeling shut down) by ANYONE in your life you have unresolved grief from your past that MUST be healed in order for you to experience true freedom in life and love.

Did you also know?

Money & food stories are also love stories and money or food decisions, both conscious and unconscious hold clues to what’s really going on inside of you & eating you.  These are also caused by UNRESOLVED grief of the past and MUST be HEALED in order to experience true abundance and freedom. 
BUT, only 3% of population 1. Knows how to appropriately and effectively heal the past.  2. Is experiencing true freedom and fulfillment in life & love due to having the plan in hand to consciously, intelligently move & grow through life. 
What that means is 97% of the population is doing life & love the hard way—feeling lost, confused, stressed out, overwhelmed, overworked & under appreciated.

There IS AN EASIER way to do life, love & relationships you just don’t have the process yet Mama! Well, TODAY is your lucky day, IF you’re and only if you also don’t also take action on the opportunity I have for YOU right here, right now.

I hold THE plan—the blueprint to doing life in a way that brings passion, purpose, fulfillment, connection, peace, and pure freaking joy!
This is part of our proprietary Love Genius Masters program I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal this powerful Love weaponry for a steal of a Cyber Monday deal.

If you’re serious about cleaning out the clutter—the baggage you’ve been carrying around in heart and mind, BEFORE you accidentally pass that burden onto your children for them to figure out.

AND, you want to open your eyes to what’s standing in your way of the Life & Love experience you want and witness a ReVibed, ReFreshed, YOU looking back at yourself in the mirror by New Year’s, this training is THE first step to Love Awakening.

If you’re seeing symptoms in your life like communication issues, emotions you aren’t proud of or are confused about, feeling like the everything is on you, not getting the love, respect and appreciation you need AND you also want expert help getting under the surface of all of that & into the core cause …

If you want me to walk you through the whole process (step-by-step) of unpacking those bags so you can see more clear and finally feel like that weight on your shoulders has been lifted …

If you want to break bad patterns in your relationships or feel stuck RelationLess due the same reasons…

Then this workshop is the critical training you’ve been waiting for.
By the end of this 3-hour interactive workshop, you will HAVE, KNOW, & BE ABLE TO DO:
***The Love Genius proprietary process to breaking through any life pattern, circumstance, cycle,  or habit preventing you from having the life, love, & relationships you desire
***A clear plan for letting go of what isn’t working in your life (this is makes THE difference between New Year’s resolutions that fall off in a week & transformation)

***An awareness, understanding, & new way of seeing your challenges and obstacles & how to communicate in a way that keeps you EMPOWERED & in CONTROL of the conversation—your thoughts, your emotions, and your reactions so that you can resolve CONFLICTS in your life
This typically isn’t taught for less than $5,000 to $9,000…
Which is why this is a freaking NO BRAINER!
So get in on this phenomenal deal to bring yourself and your family back to life below:
“Break Bad Patterns in Relationships and Renew Peace & Passion by New Year’s”

Sunday December 9th
Time: 8am CST
Your total investment: Just $550 with our Cyber Monday Special (regular price $1100)
!! Reserve your seat NOW while it is half the price !!
Take the first step to a brand new YOU & create a relationship ReVibe TODAY!

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