The Programs

Love genius masters

Love Genius Masters is a love-development program with a blueprint for building and sustaining loving partnership with yourself in order to build a sustaining, loving partnership with others including your spouse—future spouse and your children.  It will dramatically improve the quality of your relationships by helping you learn to trust and value yourself more so that you can trust and value your partner, set personal boundaries for relationship success, and completely understand the difference between a toxic relationship and an empowered relationship so that you can lead your children with a greater understanding of love.  

It takes 8 foundational pillars of love intelligence to experience true love and partnership in this lifetime.  We can't teach what we don't understand about relationships, and what we don't understand becomes the legacy of love ignorance.

To learn about The Top 5 Shifts necessary to overcome emotional stress and burnout in order to build a thriving family hit the "Begin Here" button to the right.


WEALTH GENIUS mastermind. (invitation only)

Wealth Genius is a life-development system with a blueprint for living your optimal life.  It will dramatically improve the quality of your life by helping you design and architect your ideal future bringing it into reality with invaluable support.  

It takes three foundational commitments to experience true abundance and purpose in this lifetime:

1.  LIVE. To commit to being ALIVE in even the darkest of moments unleashing the courage to let go of the people, places, thoughts, and things that are stalling your growth.

2.  LOVE. To consciously CONNECT to yourself and others through the eyes of love and compassion aligned with grace and accountability.

3.  LEAD. To walk with conviction to IMPACT this planet with positive influence that brings more life and a greater experience to yourself, your family, and others.  Impact begins with you. 

Wealth Genius walks you through these foundational commitments in 12 areas of life we call, "Life Projects".  These life projects will be studied, designed and built through a plan of thought provoking content and deep self-reflection creating optimal living in all areas of your life.  You'll define exactly what you want in each life project, why you want it, and the steps you'll take to make it come to life so that you can LIVE the legacy you desire to leave this lifetime and lead your children toward.


Wealth is a state of being, standing in true connection with a partner (2).png